Pocong, A Hopping Ghost

NOSy English :

Pocong is an Indonesian “endemic” ghost. It began to appears since Islam entered Indonesia. It’s said  to be the soul of dead person trapped in their suit. It is described a dead body covered by white fabric (in Indonesia also known as kain kafan) and tie the clothing over the head (like bolster :p) . Its face is black, no expression and it’s has green eyes ( Wow !! ). It rises not because of revenge,  disturb human being, do something for money or kill people.

According to the native beliefs, the soul of a dead person will stay on the earth for 40 days after the death. When the ties (forgot) aren’t released after 40 days, the body will  jump out from the grave to warn people that the soul need the bonds to be released. It’s like kind of protest, there is no intention to scare people. But after the ties are released, the soul will leave the earth and never show up anymore. Because of the tie under the feet, the ghost can’t walk. This causes the pocong to hop.

Unlike the other ghosts, It was impressed cool, not much movement (because of the tie , of course ) and not noisy. Some Indonesian ghost likes to laugh at human disturb. Maybe that’s why it became popular and starred in more movies than the other ghost. As we know, girls like a cool character like Hua Ce Lei (F4) or a character in Korean Drama. And we do not deny if pocong not as cool as Dracula, or the ghost of the west, especially if being on the move (hihihihihi……..) and doesn’t love a beauty girl. But still scary and cool, isn’t ?

Pocong is the most popular “actor” horror movie in Indonesia. There’re many franchise of it. Some of it film has quality, but most of them is poor.

  • Setan Pocong (The Pocong Satan)  – 1988
  • Pocong (film) – first movie from Pocong sequel which banned by BSF
  • Pocong 2 – 2006
  • Pocong 3 – 2007
  • Pocong vs Kuntilanak – 2008
  • Sumpah Pocong Di Sekolah (Pocong Oath @ School)- 2008
  • 40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong (40 Days Rise of Pocong )- 2008
  • Tali Pocong Perawan (The Virgin Pocong Ties)- 2008
  • The Real Pocong – film tahun 2009
  • Sumpah, (Ini) Pocong! (Damn!!! , It’s Pocong )- 2009
  • Susuk Pocong (The Pocong Implant) – 2009
  • Pocong Setan Jompo (Decrepit Satan Pocong)- 2009
  • Pocong Kamar Sebelah (The Pocong Next Door )- 2009
  • Pocong Jalan Blora – film tahun 2009
  • Dendam Pocong Mupeng – film tahun 2010
  • Pocong Keliling – film tahun 2010
  • Pocong Jumat Kliwon (Friday Kliwon Pocong) – film tahun 2010
  • Pocong Rumah Angker (Scary House Pocong) – film tahun 2010
  • Pocong Ngesot – film tahun 2011

Notes :

  1. In Malaysia Pocong called Hantu Bungkus, wrapped Ghost
  2. Pocong is one of Moslem Tradition steps in the handling of bodies

2 thoughts on “Pocong, A Hopping Ghost

  1. LoL for this –> Tali Pocong Perawan (The Virgin Pocong Ties) and Pocong Kamar Sebelah (The Pocong Next Door )
    Could you translate this to english, I can’t understand “Dendam Pocong Mupeng” =))

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