Mi Celor Palembang

Pempek is not the only culinary Palembang. There was another great one that got me interested. Just to tell you, I’m a noodle lover. When I was elementary school student, I said to my teacher that I’ll become Cwi-mie seller.  I will build Noodle court with a thousand recipe.

Back to topic. I ate Mi Celor in Bandung, for first time. Mi Celor is looks like a regular hard-boiled egg noodles. But the virulence lies in a blended concoction of shrimp in the sauce. it’s no secret I do not really like the smell of fish, luckily the main ingredient of thick gravy-making – the yellow is Satang shrimp. No wonder the smell was strong shrimp flavor when I tasted the yellow viscous liquid.

The form of noodles celor relatively large, straight, and not curly. As Mie Aceh. This most delicious noodles in warm, while the combined smell of noodle soup with exotic spices typical to give the sensation of its own.

In addition to Palembang, Jambi also has Mi Celor. I saw its review in the Pak Bondan TV program “Wisata Kuliner”. It was the first time I know if there are dishes named  Mi Celor in Indonesia

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