Rancabuaya Beach

33 KM from Pameungpeuk, there is a famous beach. It to be called Rancabuaya. This is the southern sea coast where the waves roar a little more wild than the Java sea. The beach is a place to start and end of the fishing activity Rancabuaya.

This beach does not have areas of white sand that is too broad. Corals to dominate the shoreline. For lovers of white sand may be a little disappointed. The beach is more offers culinary ocean-atmosphere rather than just offering the panorama of the beach. on this beach you can buy or join the auction to get  fish.

Garut people would have more offensive to the taste of food when talking about this beach. Delicious ? Yes, I guarantee it …But I’m so sorry for not uploading culinary picture……… But, don’t worry, that’s worth !!


3 thoughts on “Rancabuaya Beach

  1. boleh tanya ngak ya ..penginapan disana apa saja ..dan ada telepon nya ngak ya unt pesan kamar …saya mau coba menginap disana , sebelum dan sesudahnya saya ucapkan terima kasih atas bantuan nya

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