A Hunting

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7 Maret 2010

I went to JCC just for buying NG Backpack. Fortuity, I attended on wedding ceremony of my band-mate first, so I’d already bring   DSLR. In JCC, I’d remembered that that day was a second days of photography competition. Yesterday the EO said that dressing theme was Elegant Beauty. Interesting………

I’d not joined a hunting with that theme. It would be the first. Elegant & Beauty, the models must be in long gown. But I was wrong, they’re not in that dress. It was casual. Damn !!.

There’re four models, but I only took Stella picture. Why ? because my position wasn’t good enough. My gear was standart (50 mm) and she was in front of me. Actually, their position was rotated by EO, but I had no good mood enough for taking picture another model. The condition wasn’t good, I had to “survive” stabilize my body when the others push me just for taking picture. There’re too many participants, too many voice called the models……….. too many request.

It’s OK , what I could say ,  just enjoy that hunting even only one session……………


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